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About Little Epiphany & Our Policies

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Jennifer Herbert is a self-taught jewelry artist living with her husband and dog in central New Jersey. Classically trained as a chef, she soon realized that cooking did not fully satisfy her need to create. "Food is fleeting- a necklace or a pair of earrings can be savored and enjoyed for years." She started Little Epiphany to fill this creative void.

Her approach to design and construction takes cues from nature. "I love to find the patterns in nature and allow them to be reflected in my pieces. Symmetry is especially pleasing to me: most of nature is symmetrical in an imperfect way, and I really enjoy that as a design aesthetic."
Jennifer works primarily with semi-precious stones, copper, sterling silver and glass, but won't rule out other materials. She wouldn't limit herself by refusing to acknowledge unconventional materials. She makes most of her components herself, but those that aren't are selected for their quality and stylistic relationship to the piece.
You can find out more about her process on her blog:

US shipping is USPS priority mail, $4.95 for the first item, no extra charge for additional items

refunds and exchanges
I stand by my work, but that being said, occasionally things get crushed in the mail or jump rings come open. If you have a problem with your piece, please let me know and I will repair it and refund your shipping costs to send it back to me.

I examine all my pieces thoroughly before sending them to their new home. Even so, please treat them as gently as possible. Pillow fights, pool parties, tug-o-war, etc. are not good for jewelry!

additional policies
Certain items are available for wholesale, and I am always open to consignment offers.

I accept requests for custom orders.

I strive for a fabulous, personalized experience for each customer... please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any problems or concerns about your order. I can adjust sizing, length, etc. of just about all my items, so just let me know!